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Did you know that Commonwealth Bank just reported a $5 billion half yearly cash profit attributed to a deliberate strategy of not competing for less lucrative mortgage customers. This type of strategy is common place with lenders, especially the big ones. Bottom line is, they don’t really care about you, your family, your story, or your goals and ambitions. To them, it’s a total numbers game. So while you’re all about loyalty and convenience, the feeling is not mutual. Once you get over that, it’s imperative to check that you’re getting the best interest rate possible for your situation. The only way to beat them at their own game and avoid being a part of their cut throat profit and growth strategy, is to take the initiative to take the power back.

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Brilliant as always! Highly recommend Dan, always get the job done!!
Kiarra Littleford
16 February 2024
“Daniel helped us in three occasions to successfully obtain a personal loan, home loan and a re-finance. He carefully assessed our circumstances and financial situation and negotiated with banks on behalf of us to provide resolutions. We greatly appreciate the assistance provided by Daniel and would highly recommend him. Sami and Manil”
Samitha Kodippili
8 February 2024
Very good communication and efficiency. Daniel made The loan application process easy and quick. I recommend his service.
Ka Yan Yu
7 February 2024
Daniel is super helpful, knowledgeable and never made me feel silly for asking a million questions. Thank you for all your help (again).
Kairan Meek
27 January 2024
Daniel went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend him!
bianca starzec
10 January 2024
munaani kasikaneti
8 January 2024
Daniel was excellent. As a first home buyer I was asking Daniel questions every two seconds, which he always answered promptly and thoroughly. Would definitely use again.
Isaac Polini
14 December 2023
Thank you to Daniel, I had a complicated loan application. I appreciate the work you put in and taking the stress out of the process
Karl Allen
29 November 2023
Absolute pleasure working with Daniel. He was very Professional and accommodating. Thank you Daniel!
Danny Thompson
11 November 2023
This company are the ultimate professionals. Daniel's calm and reassuring manner has got us through some of the toughest refinances. The most impressive thing in a long list that really stuck with me was when the rates were spiking recently, we got a letter saying that they had got us a better rate. This without us asking. A bank would never ever do that for their customers and it's just good to see businesses like this that show true concern for their client. These days it is extremely rare and to me, Base Home Loans does the extraordinary when so many businesses these days just manage ordinary. Thank you for everything you have done for us, and will do for us in the future, Daniel.
Rory Mouttet
9 November 2023