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Looking for One of the best mortgage broker perth has to offer? 

Base Home Loans is a Perth mortgage broker focused on delivering personalised home loan results for clients. If you searched for “best mortgage broker Perth”, you’re well on your way to experiencing the industry-leading service enjoyed by our existing clients.

As one of Perth’s best independent mortgage brokers, we are committed to chasing down the solutions that are going to work best for you, regardless of what stage you’re at. We can help you achieve your goals, whether that’s by buying your first home, getting finance for your business, or building your dream home.

What can we Help you with?

From figuring out how much you can borrow, to how much deposit you’ll need, navigating the First Home Owner Grant, or even setting up a Guarantor Loan, we can walk you through the whole process and make it easy. You can read more about First Home Buyer Finance here.

Your home loan is an incredibly important part of your life to get right. We’re here to make sure that your mortgage is a good fit for every life stage. While it can become an easy thing to forget, revisiting your home loan every so often is an important way for you to make sure you’re maximising your savings and achieving your financial and property goals quicker. If you need an equity loan, you want to add an offset account or a redraw facility, or just make sure you’re getting the cheapest interest rate, we can take care of all of it. It’s easier than you think we promise.

If you’re buying your first investment property or your seventh, we can help to manage your entire home loan portfolio and make sure all loans are performing as well as your properties. We can organise valuations and liaise with real estate and settlement agents as per our standard process, and collaborate with you on finance solutions you might not have thought were possible.

For when you’re needing someone with tenacity to understand the whole picture and come up with creative finance solutions.

Whether you’re a business that needs help funding your commercial property or equipment, we’re here to help.

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to us, you’re more than a number.

We believe your mortgage isn’t about numbers as much as it is about your personal memories, life-changing decisions and the relationships that shape our path. 

We see it as an honour and a privilege to be allowed into the lives of our clients each and everyday, we understand that your home loan is about so much more than application forms and the transfer of money.

Read more ways that a mortgage broker can help you.

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we specialise in Personalised home loan solutions

Base Home Loans is a Perth mortgage broker focused on delivering personalised home loan results for clients. If you searched for “best mortgage broker Perth”, you’re well on your way to experiencing the industry-leading service enjoyed by our existing clients. 

If you need an experienced mortgage broker to stand by you and guide you through the home loan application process, some new ideas on how you can consolidate wealth, or you just want the best interest rate possible, Base Home Loans specialises tailoring home loan solutions to your unique situation and circumstances with patience and compassion.

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We’ll guide you through the entire process step by step

We liaise with real estate agents and settlement agents on your behalf, to save time and streamline your property purchase. We are likely to know exactly what is happening with your loan at any given moment. 

Using a broker gives you access to a huge range of lenders

Once we understand what’s important to you in terms of loan features (yes, there’s more to a loan than the interest rate!) we can present you with a range of options to choose from. Additionally, if Plan A doesn’t work, we will always have a Plan B to fall back on.

We treat you as a real person, not just a number

Brokers grow their business on referrals and realise the value of customer service, the people at the bank are on a salary and if you don’t fit into their mould, they are unlikely to care. Sorry, it’s true.

Daniel Niederberger – Mortgage Broker Perth

Having helped hundreds of West Australians find the right information and home loan solution, Base Home Loans has grown a plethora of loyal clients, who appreciate the down-to-earth and approachable philosophy behind the brand.

Founded by award-winning mortgage broker, Daniel Niederberger, Base Home Loans is an independent mortgage broker epitomising the core principles of respect, integrity and trust. Together with his wife Bianca, Daniel has put his heart and soul into building one the best independent mortgage brokers in Perth, by going above and beyond for clients wherever possible.

As a finalist and a winner for a multitude of industry awards and accolades, including the NAB Broker Achievement Award Western Australia 2015 (MFAA Awards for Excellence) and the Customer Service (Individual) Award (The Adviser Better Business Awards 2015).

Daniel attributes his success to first hand experience and exposure to the property and finance industries from a young age. Owning three investment properties by the time he was 25, Daniel says he learnt a lot about the process and himself along the way.

“I made mistakes and I probably got ripped off a few times, but I learnt invaluable lessons every time I bought or sold a property – things I’m now able to share with my clients,” he said. “I think my point of difference is a philosophy of adding value for my clients and going above and beyond whenever I can. I love that everyone I meet has their own unique story and every deal I do has it’s own little challenges.”

At the forefront of an industry which is always changing and evolving, Daniel is dedicated to the constant pursuit of knowledge as he strives to be at the top of his game for the sake of his clients.

“I’m grateful that I get to do what I love and, hopefully, make a difference in peoples lives by helping them to achieve their own financial goals.”

Mortgage Broker Perth Daniel Niederberger

Daniel Niederberger, Director & Mortgage Broker, Base Home Loans

Mortgage Broker FAQ’s

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is a person who deals with banks or other lenders to arrange a home loan. Mortgage brokers must act in your best interests when suggesting a loan for you. Here’s some more FAQ’s to explain how mortgage brokers work.

Generally speaking, mortgage brokers don’t charge a direct fee to consumers in Australia. Most mortgage brokers are paid a commission from the lender upon settlement of a loan. This is a cost incurred by the lender and does not impact the interest rate or repayments of your home loan. 

There’s many different reasons that people choose to use a mortgage broker rather than dealing directly with their lender. 
Here’s a few of the more obvious reasons that people choose to use the services of a mortgage broker:
• Expertise and an unbiased point of view on your situation and available options
• Be treated like a real person not a metric or KPI
• Always have direct access to your mortgage broker for convenience
• We’ll guide you through the process step by step 
• Reduces margin for error and delays
• Access to a huge range of lenders and products

Read more reasons why to use a broker over the bank here

A mortgage, otherwise known as a home loan, is an amount of money lent to a borrower or borrowers by a bank or other loan provider, for the purpose of purchasing a property.

The mortgage details the terms of the borrowing agreement including the life of the loan, the repayment schedule and type (principal plus interest or interest only) and whether the loan will be based on a fixed interest rate term or a variable interest rate. 

A home loan is typically secured against the value of the purchase property. This means that if a borrower falls behind in their repayments or is otherwise unable to pay the loan back (defaults), the lender may seek to sell the property in order to settle the debt.

You can browse our Information page for more specific information regarding your situation, or simply send us your question via the form here or on our contact page.

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